Apologies for the lack of updates on the blog.  I was busy visiting with these out of towners. Most of you know (or have heard me gab about) one of my BFF’s, Michelle.  Well, she made the hop a crossed the pond to visit ME!  Okay, not just me, her parent, college buddies, and my other high school girlfriends. While Michelle was in town, Ginny and Larissa (high school besties), made the trip for a long over due reunion.  Jeff and I were lucky to host Larissa and her 15month old son, Hayden.  His is a gem! Just wait for the pics and I think you’ll agree. Michelle is a bit a a photographer and left me a few of the snap shots she took while she was here to share with all of you.

the girls in the back yard getting to know bear

beach time after lunch at sidelines, yum!

Larissa and I

Ginny and I

Michelle and I

Michelle and I

serious is never as fun

Time to offically met Hayden 🙂

so cute

hayden was excited to met bear

boys will be boys

family pic

thanks michelle:)


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