I’m sure if I had made a list of things that I could never see myself doing this would be one of them.  Turns out I embarked on an adventure back to Gulf Breeze High School, my alma mater.  This all got started after my mother moved back into town for a position as a Biology teacher at GBHS.  I had her as a 10th grader for chem I honors, as did Ginny and Michelle.  Obviously the new students will be lacking our charm and attentive behavior but so far she is loving it.  One of her great friends, my bridal shower host, mine and Michelle’s Science Olympiad coach (yes you just read that correctly), and my past Anatomy & Physiology teach has a new course on her repertoire, HOSA.  Ms Atchison is now teaching Health Occupational Science Academy which is a class preparing students for careers in health care.  Right now the class is focusing on nursing roles, however plans to grow and give the students options in many other health care fields.  Ok, so this adventure that I never foresaw myself taking was teaching, in any way shape or form, especially at GBHS!  But yes, that is now me.  I will be doing weekly sessions to enhance the classroom education with my real world hospital knowledge.

This last week I elaborated on Infection Control.  This week Vital Signs.

Michelle was in town (see previous post) and came to watch my very first go at it.  And of course took some pictures.  Here are a few of her shots.

Please pray that I do actually teach them something!

Class is in session. I had to ask them to please call me Evan and not Mrs Baggett. Seriously... MRS?!

proper hand hygiene :). "now remember.. at least 20 sec"

Contact Isolation Coat. What to be a nurse yet?

I gave the kids some lotion that shows bacteria on hands when placed under a black light


Washing off the germs

All gone!

Me and Barb! I get to call her that now:)

Turns out it was a success. Go ahead and call me Professor! 🙂

for the classroom


After being such professional Michelle and I walked around the school reminiscing those crazy days.

Welcome to the dolphin tank!


Looking good kid


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