Did you it was awesome? I didn’t.  Not until recently that is.  My fab husband and I were at one of our favorite cajun spots, Jerry’s Cajun Cafe – GO!, when a waitress walked by with something that smelled AHHH MAZING! We didn’t know what it was just that we wanted one.  So she brought us my first taste of bread pudding and as Emeril would say, BAM! Love at first bite.

The next weekend Jeff and I wanted to try our own take on bread pudding.  As always we sought Emeril for guidance.

click below for a great recipe.

New Orleans Style Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce

Here is how it turned out. And yes I know my food photo skills need some work.

pre-whiskey sauce

This is pre-saucey goodness.  As usual, I failed to snap a pic of it all plated up with lots of sauce.  I was busy getting my second helping. Sorry, but as you can imagine it looked delish.

And for clarification when I say ‘we’ cooked I mean Jeff 🙂 give credit where credit is due they say.

whiskey sauce

This is all I got of the whiskey sauce before we ate it up.

xoxo Evan


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