I am always thankful for the many blessing I have.  But not often enough something crosses my path to humble and inspire me.  There were two things I viewed online this week that I just had to share.

The first is Invisible Children-non profit organization.  This is not a new campaign.  I simply missed out of the first several years of it.  Watch this film and check out the website. It will change you.


The other the blog Cultured.  Here is what it is about:

Cultured exists to tell the stories of restored women around the globe. But we don’t want to stop there.  We also exist to sustain the transformation and freedom of these women and to provide for them tangibly in their leadership efforts and desire to bring change in their community. How do we do this? Through fashion. Our plan is to assist these women through investing in their lives transformationally and financially through our fashion line. We believe in creating a quality, fashion forward line that tells the story of beauty and freedom unique to each woman’s culture. Our desire is to use the avenue of fashion to tell these stories of injustice and take the proceeds from our line to invest in the lives of these women.  We hope that through this we will inspire the world to care about the injustice and inequality of women and create substantial change through the empowerment of these women in need.

Click here for Cultured

XO, Evan


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