If you follow me on pinterest you may have notice the pinning spree of smoothie recipes. So, In my head I envision a freezer full of fruit and veggies that I can throw in the blender at 6am to end up with a powerhouse breakfast instead of  um… looking through the pantry for something to magically appear.

This is a blog post about make ahead smoothies.

I was SUPER sick yesterday. ugh.  After a little virus that wrecked my GI track, food was the farthest thing from my mind. Love working at hospitals and bring work home. After several hours of grossness, Jeff gave me some meds and I was out.

12 hours later I woke ready to be friends with food again.  I thought this would be a good time to try out spinach smoothie.

I started with some blue berries and strawberries that I froze.  A nice lady at the store told me to freeze the fruit on a cookies sheet then put into bags.

Then was just assemble and blend.

So it’s not green. I know, but this was my first try.  These where the things I had on hand and I don’t really like the idea of adding oats like in the recipes above but bananas would be good.  Let me now if you have a tried and true recipe!


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