Summer Vacation ~ THE FLORIDA KEYS.

We finally made it happen. A Vacation!  For Jeff’s birthday, June 8th whoo hoo, we headed down to The Keys for some R&R.  We met up with Jeff’s family who are from Homestead just south of Miami for a week of adventures.  And thanks to Mrs. Marilyn for the photos!

After a 7 hour lay over in Pensacola due to flooded runways we made it to MIA.


The Keys

The next morning we made it to Tavernier where we were staying.

We spent the week soaking up sun, fishing, eating our fill in fresh catch, and best of all spending time together.

A family friend of Bill & Marilyn’s were gracious enough to lend us their beach house for the week.  It was beautiful and right on a canal with was perfect for Mr Bill’s boat. Not to mention its view.

Then we FISHED!! A Lot.

We found this gorgeous spot just boating around the first day.  We caught some mangrove snapper and a few other little things.  But we saw some great wildlife here. Sting rays, Loggerhead turtle, and a bonnet head shark baby. Did I mention it was beautiful?

Then another friend of Bill’s, he has the greatest friends, took us Dolphin fishing.  George is his name, and no he doesn’t hunt Flipper.  Dolphin the fish aka Mahi-Mahi.

Thanks Again, George. You’re the best!!

After trolling the deep blue for a bit we got a bite.  Jeff let me get the 1st one.

We caught 23 Dolphin and Kevin our 1st Mate and George’s buddy filleted them for us! Kevin is a filet ninja!!

Once home and showered we made the best meal I think I’ve ever had. The freshest fish taco of my life!  Lightly fired Dolphin, cilantro lime cream sauce, shredded cabbage, cheese, fresh mango salsa (the mango’s were in tree’s everywhere down there), and chipotle tomato salsa…YUMMY!!

This was so good I ate it the next three nights! And we still didn’t eat all the fish.

I really wanted to do some snorkeling while there so we hook up with a snorkel tour from John PenneKamp Coral Reef State Park.  It was a blast and we saw TONS of sea life.

We saw countless fish, lobster, barracuda (scary), gorgeous coral, and even a shark!

I LOVE VACATIONS and the Keys were Ahhhh mazing!  One last view for you to drool over until your next vacation

Video’s to come.


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