WHEW…. Glad this storm is done with FL.  Here is a little recap of events.  After working all weekend I got home Sunday night to what seemed like every TV channel reporter in a panic over Tropical Storm Isaac.  “This storm will be a hurricane by land fall,  its rain bands are over a hundred miles wide, flooding and wave surges will be huge!” was pretty much the picture.  Needless to say  the frenzy began; stores were packed with people stocking up on water and flashlights,  lines at the gas stations, and wait for it… My hospital activated the hurricane team!  Seriously?  Ugh.   So, while some where having hurricane parties I was working/sleeping at the hospital.  It turns out we got a few inches of rain, some balmy breezes, and some over time at the hospital (hello over time santa) but nothing harmful here in Gulf Breeze or Pensacola Beach, FL.

Calm before the storm

Cleaning out the tree’s before the storm hits

My Quarters while shacking up at the hospital

And Jeff and Bear protecting the house. Haha.

XO, Evan


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