DIY Baby Gifts

If you are anything like me ALL your friends are pregnant!  I have spent the last several months DIYing different things for all the new additions.  Here are a few I mailed last month to a bestie  Michelle for her soon to be first born, Lachlan James.

Have to start off with a classic.  The Burp Cloth.  These seem to be must.  Apparently babies are messy so here’s to a cuter clean up.  I found some insight HERE

Something to personalize the new nursery is always nice.  Mich asked to make a pillow case for Lachie’s room.  I know most girls know how to sew a pillow case for pete sake but this was a first for me.   INSIGHT

And what new mom can’t use a way to display all those pictures of her new cutie.

Ready to assemble Photo Display with Words That Glow cards until the picture perfect moments come.  INSIGHT HERE

In my mind what it will look like 🙂

And of course a baby throw for when the floor isn’t soft enough for baby.

Last but not least in this baby care package a taste of home for my Aussie Loves.

To girlfriends, all their babies, and of coarse crafting!!


2 thoughts on “DIY Baby Gifts

  1. Evan, these gifts are amazing! Not only so cute and nicely done but straight from your heart. Michelle is fortunate to have a friend like you!! Hugs,

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