Get your hammer.

Now that we have been home owners for less than a week we have done SO much.  We are tearing things up left and right and having a blast.  Our family and friends have joined in and we LOVE them for helping with all the dirty work.

To list a few projects we’ve bit into so far:

1. remove popcorn ceiling-done

2. remove wall paper-done

3. remove soffits in tiny kitchen-done

4. remove hanging cabinet over peninsula to open tiny kitchen-done

5. remove TONS of really overgrown bushes from ALL over the front yard-done

6. hire electrician to give us a microwave plug-done

7. hire tree man to remove large dead oak, grind up giant stomp, and mulch the TONS of recently removed bushes-done

8. patch wholes in dry wall-mostly done

9. patch the thousands of nail and screw holes in every wall – done

10. GET ALL OUR CRAP MOVED INTO GARAGE so we can keep working-done

11. 12. 13… my brain is full of popcorn dust so I can’t remember.

Here are a few pictures I snapped along the way.

We took all the cabinets down to remove the soffit, lifted the cabinets a few inches, and removed this row completely to make the kitchen feel less tiny.

Micheal took down a large portion of the popcorn quickly, then I spent the next 3 days getting all the closets and touch up.  Note to others: this is SO messy!

After we made a mess of the new house it was time to move all of our stuff in, yay!  Not really. But we had some great help moving the big stuff from Robert and Steven and my Mom and Dave helped me pack and clean. With the awesome help we were able to move everything, even the deer UGH, to the garage or sunroom.  Then back to work.

We have done a lot I mean A LOT of work in the yard and more to the kitchen not to mention patching some ten thousand nail holes, patching dry wall, and installing the dishwasher which was be very hard. haha. And the wood is being deliver this afternoon so we can install a fence.  As for now Im off to the hospital to keep some money flowing.

Please continue to pray for us and we drive head first into this project.  That we would remain calm in sticky situations and be able to live there by Monday 🙂

xoxo Evan

PS someone else is very tired


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