TWO WEEKS as a home owner.

Our progress has slowed slightly with Jeff and I working this week.  However, the house is still getting a work out.  Steven’s dad sent over a few guys from his crew to texture and paint the ceiling in the whole house with all the popcorn down.  THANKS MR CHANEY!!  Jeff and I would have really jacked that one up.

Jeff with the help of his super nice friends rented and auger and got fence posts put in last weekend.  Tomorrow the guys are coming back over to finish the panels and gates. Yay and thanks guys!

Mr. Chaney’s crew worked all week on making the ceiling less uneven and apply a light knock down texture.  We had to apply some kind of texture because the dry wall wasn’t done well enough the first time for a nice slick finish.  I wasn’t sure at first about the whole texture thing but it came out really nice.

The whole house had to be covered in plastic while they were working.

I had today (friday) off so my step dad, Dave, and I started prepping the walls for paint.  I got bored of patching a few of the 20,000 nail/screw/anchor/who knows holes in the wall after like one wall.  So I started painting the rooms Dave has already fixed up :).  I put the first coat of paint in the master bath (the work master is hilarious for that tiny space), above the kitchen cabinets, and in front kitchen peninsula. The paint is this amazing shade of grey called, URBAN SUNRISE.  Im obsessed and love it!  Then I had Dave put up and new light fixture which I also love.

I took these with my phone so you cant really see the greatness of urban sunrise. I know your sad.  Just come over soon.

The third big accomplishment for this week is WORKING plumbing.  It’s awesome when your toilet clogs and sewage backs up into the tub.  Nope. After working with the home warranty folks, UGH, three days later we had a new clean out installed and working plumbing. Yay for working plumbing, bleach, and rubber gloves.

Plumber making some serious cash off us. 😦

Bear sat on the septic tank which Jeff/Dave dug up to prove that the plumbing problem was a clog and not the tank.  He barked and growled at the plumber the whole time. Good Dog.

The plumber snaked the drain forever but got the clog.

Okay well that is it for the week.  Hooray for the weekend. Maybe we’ll actually get to move in on Sunday?!?! Pray we get to move in on Sunday 🙂

xoxo, Evan


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