DIY Lemon Preserves and Recipes

Ho Ho Ho it’s the Holidays! Merry Christmas, I LOVE Christmas!  This season is a bit different as we are making a new house a home.  However, in between projects we found time to hang stockings and make a few gifts.  Jeff and I both love DIY so we make our Christmas gifts every year.

To start off this holiday season my mom and I made Lemon Preserves

This is a great way to have fresh lemons on hand during the cooler months and all year.  These are great when roasting chickens and grilling seafood (my favorites) and check this blog out for some other good ideas.  mmm Happy Happy Happy!

These are easy to make and look gorgeous in Mason jars.  We started off using Lemons, bay leaves, peppercorn, and of course lots of salt.

Wash your Lemons.  And make sure the stickers are off 😉


Mix your dry ingredients together.

Salt, Pepper Corn, Bay Leaves (there are more traditional Moroccan recipes so be sure to check them out)


Dice up your Lemons.   Feel free to be creative with the cuts since wedges, slices, and flowered all look different.

Then cover all sides and spaces with your salt mixture







Once all the lemons are salted, add and handful of your salt mixture to the bottom of the jar then stuff full of lemons.  Juice any leftover or ugly lemons and add some to each jar.  No need to fill with juice because after a few days the salt will pull plenty of juice from the lemons that are in the jar.

Then Ta Da!


We did a few with Limes, Oranges, and Grapefruit.image

Leave on display at room temp and shake the jars once in a while when you are ready to give as gifts be sure in mention to keep in the fridge for three weeks while the lemon rinds continue to  soften.


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