Christmas 2012

Jeff and I had a great Christmas this year as I hope you all did too. We are blessed in many way but one is that we didn’t have to travel this year. Jeff’s family was able to join us in our new house for a few days this holiday. My family lives close, okay really close, less than 15 mins away so my Mom and step dad Dave hosted us Christmas Eve for dinner and a great game of dominos.

Starting from the left. Aunt Nett, Jeff, Me, Granddad, Mike, Mom, and Dave. Jeff’s parents missed this picture 😦

My sweet Granddad

When we are all together we tend to get beat by Granddad and his rules when playing Mexican Train.



Jeff and I spent Christmas Day in our new house, with his parents and Aunt Nett, my brother Mike, our sweet dog Bear, and a warm fire burning in our very first wood burning fire place. We exchanged gifts we’d made for one another, cooked a lovely meal together, and all set on the floor around the coffee table. Furniture didn’t make the priority cut for 2012. Maybe it will in 2013 :). The family chipped in the day before they flew home to help us finish painting the hallway and den, and bought us two new toilets! Jeff and his dad made quick work of getting ride of the old ones and installation of new, tall, shiny white toilets. Who knew owning a home was so exciting. haha.

Aunt Nett brought us a Christmas tree.







Hope your Christmas was a happy time to reflect of a year of memories with family and friends. I praise God for this life and the loving family he has blessed me with.


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