This past week we upgraded from a poorly installed washer and dryer to newly installed hookups and electric in the garage.  This sounds like something that would not have made the top ten list of things to get done asap however the dryer was venting into a pair of panty hose, YES back into the house though panty hose,  and the washer and dryer were to big to fit in the current closet placement.

So we decided to bite the bullet, stop doing laundry at my Mom’s, and have a plumber install washer and dryer hook ups and move the hot water heater to the garage.



We plan to patch the wall, repurpose and install a row of upper cabinets we removed from the kitchen, make a fun metal rod to hang clothing, and add more finished feel to this area.

And yes our water heater is ancient and we are looking a one with a heat pump for a replacement when she decided to bite the dust which will probably be soon. Can’t wait for that;).

During this process we starting having trouble with the septic tank, UGH.  The septic tank guys are coming tomorrow. Pray for us!


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