Let’s meet the neighbors

10 weeks as home owners and we are finally ready to CELEBRATE!  Our stuff is moved in, we can do our laundry, and flush the toilets!  Little has been done in the decorating department but things are functional and decent so we are ready to have the neighbors over.

One afternoon Jeff mentioned how much he would like to roast a whole pig.  I was thinking we should have a housewarming. So we decided why not do both.  Next Saturday we are going to place a smoker in the driveway then let Jeff and his buddies do what they do.  Some ladies and I are making a few sides and bevies (my word for beverages).  Throw in some friends and new neighbors and what you have is a real good time.

Thanks to my dear sweet friend for making this so we look a bit more legit.  Michelle you’re awesome.



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