Septic Surprise


That charm & character of an older home it seems that when people say it comes at a price that is very very true.  It turns out that are old cast iron pipes were not ready for this family.  We had to snake the clean out three times, have the plumbers out three different time, and finally pump the septic tank.  Jeff and I were freaking out a bit that we might have to dig up and replace the drain field since the water was draining so slow.  A few weeks of really fast showers and using as little water possible isn’t that much fun.

Jeff and I were both off Wednesday to hang with Mason the septic tank man.  He was our favorite man EVER when he informed us that our drain field was just fine and there were some roots blocking the main pipe out of the house and that it was no problem to fix.  YEAH!

We have some maintenance that needs to be done since the pipes are from 1968 but as of right now things are flowing great!






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