Aussie in the USA

Spring break is such a blessing.  And it isn’t just for college students. At least I don’t think it should be.

Michelle, my dear childhood friend who continues to put up with me after 20+ years, came home to GB for “Holiday” aka vacation here in the states aka Evan’s spring break 2013.

One of the perks to my job is that I can arrange my schedule to take only 3 days vacation and end up with 12 days off in a row.  Awesome, right?!

This was one of the most unique and memorable spring breaks to date.  I finished up a long stretch of shifts at the hospital while the globe trotters worked out the jet leg.  Then it all started as I got to met Michelle’s 1st born baby boy. Lachlan. Or Lochie.  ADORABLE!  We spent a few days reminiscing in GB, then drove to Atlanta to see Ginny and her family, then hopped a flight to Boston to see Michelle’s sister, Jenny,  and a few other GB turn Bostonians, then back via Atlanta and a 6 hour drive home.

This spring break was unique because it didn’t involve bathing suits and sunscreen but pea coats and scarfs.  Most memorable because for the first time I was able to see my bestie as a new mom!  And the strangest and exciting thing was instead of being surrounded by friends I was surrounded by my friends and LOTS of babies!  Other than Tillman I met all these sweet little faces for the first time during the break.

Lachlan – Michelle’s 5 month old

Tillman – Ginny’s 8 month old

Emily – Jenny’s 7 day old

Gracin (baby girl) – Ansley’s 1 year old

Oliva – Erin’s 3 month old

Lots of babies and great friends. Lots of fun.











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