As many of you know Tropical Storm Debby made herself known this past week.  Our area wasn’t effected with much rain just a lot of wind and waves.  We did some projects around the house while the surf was white capping in the bay and up to 11ft in the gulf.  Once it had died down and Bear was driving us crazy we heading to the bay to collect tons of great drift wood and let Bear use up his excess energy stores.

I snapped this picture on my phone because I thought he was going to be slightly afraid of the remaining waves…. guess not.  He must take after me 🙂



One of God’s greatest gifts is a Monday with no work.  This was bound to be a great day.

The day was defiantly off to a great start when Jeff let this happen for the first time: Bear in Bed!


After some chores so I would feel less guilty with my hubby at work at day:), Mike and I grabbed the cutest doggie ever, and headed over to Mom and Dave’s new place to check out the progress.  The new house is looking AWESOME.  A new teal paint job some elbow grease and WOW.  Pics to come.  So, Dave had this old windsurfing board that looked like it could work as a paddle board and wouldn’t ya know they had some old kayak paddle lying around too.

Paddle boarding has been on my mind lately.  Unfortunately, it isn’t a cheap hobby so we were pretty excited to have a go at the windsurfer/stand up paddler.



Hi. I spent the afternoon relaxing at the beach and it was wonderful. Bear was with me and he loved it too.  I happened to have my camera and made a little video for you.  Feel free to whip up a  pina colada to go along with this video.