Reupholster a Dining Chair

Jeff and I were recently blessed with an antique dining room table, 4 chairs, and a china cabinet from my Great Grandmother.  They are beautiful and we are grateful!  Like most antiques it needed a little ‘something’ to help it fit our style.  We decided to reupholster the seat cushions.  Here’s how we did it.

The How To:

Reupholstering a dining room chair can be fairly easily if it is the right chair.  We find it less stressful if you have a seat cushion where you can see the screws or however it is held to the chair, plainly under the seat.  If this is the case with your chair, follow us.

Plan about an hour per chair, have a staple gun for tacking the material, matting (the soft stuff you put under the fabric to make the seat softer – not sure of the proper name), and your new fabric.

All in all the project was done before lunch and we spent less than $50.00 on fabric and matting, and we already had staples and the gun.

Step 1.  Remove the cushion from the chair.

We had on screw in each corner holding the seat cushion onto the chair.


Step 2. Cover the seat with matting/fluff to give it better ‘cush’. Wrap and staple the fluff on the under side of the cushion.



Step 3. Wrap and staple fabric. I ironed and scotch guarded the fabric before we got started. (Jeff wanted to take a picture ~ I’m NOT camera ready:( ) Make sure the corners are folded so they don’t look clumpy and keep the fabric pulled tight.




Step 4. Screw seat’s back to chair frame. The original screws were really old and not in great shape so Jeff used new screws to attach the cushion securely. and Done.