Thought that was a typo, hmm.  No hydrating here.  We are dehydrating!  I was up to late one night, on amazon, and somehow ended up ordering a Dehydrator.  I was wanting to make yummy snacks, like beef jerky and fruit chips.  Sounds so fun right!  While the in-laws where in town one day, us ladies made these snacks while the fellas were building something.

This was my first go at it so feel free to leave advise if you have any.  Here is what we did.

1. Slice Fruit. We did apples and peaches.

2. Soak fruit in something acidic for 5 mins.  I have pineapple juice on hand.

3. Arrange fruit in a single layer on provided dehydrator trays.

4. I left the machine in the garage because the fan is a bit loud and it puts off warm air, it’s hot enough in Florida.

5.  6-8 hours later we had fruit snacks.

6.  As an experiment, we made a fruit roll up with some crushed pineapple. The roll up was nice but the pineapple was to tart for me.

All in all it was easy and tasted great. Perfect good for you summer snacks.




Fruit Roll Up




The Work Horse.