Perfect Summer Bevvy – MOJITO SLUSHIE

Put this recipe in the memory bank because it will be a staple F O R E V E R.  Okay, that might seem a bit much but this a an easy, fresh, fun to make, delicious, cool you down in the heat of summer, Martha Stewart original drink.

A Slushie + A Mojito = Genius

We set up a table with all the ingredients, a blender, ice, and glasses and everyone took turns making these.  It was entertaining and did I mention de-lish!





Mojito Slushy Recipe

1/2 cup sugar

1/2 cup water

*mix these two in the blender to dissolve the sugar

Fill blender 3/4 the way full with ice

1/3 cup lemon juice about 3 lemons

1/3 cup lime juice about 5 limes

1 cup white rum

1 cup fresh mint

Blend until smooth.  *Fresh squeezed lemons and limes in what makes this drink

* Fresh mint in super easy to grow at home but if you don’t have it on hand swing by the farmers market or oriental market for a better selection at a lower price than the local grocery store.