Summer Staycation

Summer is better on the beach and everyone knows it.  So, it’s no surprise that some of our favorite peps chose to come here for vaca.  These past few weeks of summer have been filled with vacation memories without ever leaving town.


I-Shien came from ATL for the 4th of July weekend.  To bad it rained the WHOLE time.  We managed to still host a party in the garage, watch fire works over the sound, hit the gym, make home made crawfish étouffée-#yum, see a couple movies, and best of all reminisce about the good ol’ college days. GO NOLES!


Matt & Ashley also graced us with a long weekend stay.  They drove from Macon, Ga and got in late at night.  I thought for sure they would let us know they had arrived with a subtle air horn to face while still asleep, but not pranks this time.  We had great weather, watched the not so great air show-#bringbacktheblueangles, ate at Peg Leg’s & Sidelines, got some sun, and they shared some life changing news-good news and more to come later.


My Cousin, Dawn, and her three kiddos made it down from DC. They stayed with my mom on the beach, they are RAD, and adorable!

And the winner for most distance traveled is of course Michelle.  She was in town for about 6 weeks traveling around a bit during her holiday –#howtheaussiesayvacation.  She didn’t stay with us but with her parent.  We were able to spend tons of time together visiting and enjoying Lachlan, her 8 month old.  Ginny, another highschool bestie, also made it down for Michelle’s last weekend in the US until unknown.  Tillman, Ginny’s 11 month old made the trek with her and what a joy it is to have everyone together. If it isn’t obvious by the pictures these babies are giving me and my ovaries a bit of baby fever. Ok maybe a lot of baby fever!


I love summer, I love hot weather, I love the beach, I don’t love sunburns but they love me, and I love love love having friends come spend vacation here with us! I miss you all but won’t forget because you let me take face pics every two seconds! I have a long term memory problem 🙂


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